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Pathak Technosys has design experts who identifies and recommend the best possible user experience for your digital solutions which includes Brand Requirements, Business & Technology Requirements, Secondary Research, Market Trends & Analysis, Benchmark Analysis. Pathak Technosys transforms the proposed solution into a formal design from wireframes to user flows to prototypes. User interface design requires a good understanding of user needs. Some common usability inspection methods include cognitive walkthrough, which focuses the simplicity to accomplish tasks with the system for new users, heuristic evaluation, in which a set of heuristics are used to identify usability problems in the UI design, and pluralistic walkthrough, in which a selected group of people step through a task scenario and discuss usability issues. User experience design includes elements of interaction design, information architecture, user research, and other disciplines, and is concerned with all facts of the overall experience delivered to users.

There are several phases and processes in the user interface design, some of which are more demanded upon than others, depending on the project.


Functionality requirements gathering

Assembling a list of the functionality required by the system to accomplish the goals of the project and needs of the users.


User and task analysis

A form of field research, it's the analysis of the potential users of the system by studying how they perform the tasks.


Information architecture

Development of the process and/or information flow of the system.


Usability inspection

Letting an evaluator inspect a user interface.


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