Big Data and Analytics

Big Data enables organizations to drive big data analytics consulting program across multiple domains through a set of big data services & big data solutions

The platforms include: Tableau Software. R-Programming Language. Apache Spark. Storm. Pig. Apache Hive. Splunk. Pentaho. Power BI - Microsoft Business Intelligence. QlikView. Micro Strategy. Informatica.

Big Data Analytics

Why is Big Data Important?

The importance of big data does not revolve around how much data a company has but how a company utilises the collected data. Every company uses data in its own way; the more efficiently a company uses its data, the more potential it has to grow.
The company can take data from any source and analyse it to find answers which will enable:

Cost Savings

Some tools of Big Data like Hadoop and Cloud-Based Analytics can bring cost advantages to business when large amounts of data are to be stored and these tools also help in identifying more efficient ways of doing business

Time Reductions

The high speed of tools like Hadoop and in-memory analytics can easily identify new sources of data which helps businesses analyzing data immediately and make quick decisions based on the learnings.

New Product Development

By knowing the trends of customer needs and satisfaction through analytics you can create products according to the wants of customers.

Understand the market conditions

By analyzing big data you can get a better understanding of current market conditions. For example, by analyzing customers’ purchasing behaviors, a company can find out the products that are sold the most and produce products according to this trend. By this, it can get ahead of its competitors.

Control online reputation

Big data tools can do sentiment analysis. Therefore, you can get feedback about who is saying what about your company. If you want to monitor and improve the online presence of your business, then, big data tools can help in all this.