Drupal Development

Drupal Development Services

With the ever growing Drupal Community, a beginner is many a time lost in the vast number of resources, with increasing number of developers in Value bound. The skillset that Pathak Technosys is discussing here will give a clear idea about where you stand, what you know, what you do not know and of course fill us with what I have missed

Drupal Skills

Research and install modules according to project requirements.
Configure basic modules and core settings to get a site running.
Drush command line tool.
Make a custom Theme from zero which validates with good HTML/CSS.
Can make forms from scratch using the API - with validation and posting back to the DB/email.
Knowledge of key Drupal APIs like Queue API, Node API, Entity API, APIs of Drupal.


We work across all industry sectors, with specializations in

Banking & Finance
Ecommerce & Retail
Education & Elearning
IT and Consulting
Media Entertainment
News & Publication