Code igniter Development

It is an open Source Software

CodeIgniter is an Open-Source software which is used in building dynamic web sites with PHP. It features a built-in set of libraries that eliminate the need of writing long codes and assists in developing the project much faster


Features Included:

Doesnt require a command line.
The documentation is systematic as well as easy to follow.
Has no compatibility issue.
Developers dont need to use sophisticated libraries while programming.
Is easy to integrate and make a mobile friendly site.
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Why CodeIgniter Development service from Pathak Technosys?
Framework with a small footprint.
Exceptional Experience.
Simple solutions over complexity.
Strong Security.
Clear Documentation.
Nearly Zero Configurations.

Advantages of CodeIgniter

It helps web developers to find out the errors in programming codes and fix-up the issues instantly in the web applications. It provides you user-friendly interface that help developers to create a dynamic, flexible, secure and large web applications effectively in a short span of time. Web developers can make use of this powerful framework to customize the configuration files easily and it provides hassle-free migration from source to destination service hosting. The framework helps the programmer to create both front-end and rear-end of a web application effectively and easily in a secured manner. Programmers can create web applications with additional features and high-end functionalities by using in-built resource and libraries of the CodeIgniter.


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